Brennan Healing Science®

Background and Philosophy of Brennan Healing Science®

The Barbara Brennan School of Healing is an international learning institution, founded in 1982 in the USA by Barbara Ann Brennan. Additional locations opened in Europe in 2003 and Japan in 2006. Each year approximately 500 students participate in the program. So far, more than 2,000 individuals from 49 countries worldwide have received their certificate as Brennan Healing Science Practitioner® (BHS Practitioner).

Brennan Healing Science® (BHS) is based on the belief that human beings are multi-dimensional beings consisting of the physical body, the aura, hara, and core essence. BHS is a powerful and multi-faceted energy-healing technique which helps individuals to discover their true potential and eliminate obstacles. BHS promotes self-awareness, helps to improve quality of life, and is geared towards activating one’s individual self-healing power.

BHS was developed by the American physicist and therapist Barbara Ann Brennan, based on her lengthy studies of the human energy field. She combined her findings related to energetic processes with psycho-dynamics to demonstrate how the constantly changing human energy field affects the body.

Barbara Ann Brennan used this knowledge to develop healing skills that have a positive effect on the human energy field. The so-called energy work consisting of psycho-spiritual aspects includes concepts and teachings of Bioenergetics (Alexander Lowen), Core-Energetics (John Pierrakos), and the Pathwork (Eva Pierrakos) in addition to other healing modalities.

BHS can thus be described as body-oriented, psycho-spiritual, consciousness work.

Therapy, Effectiveness, and Techniques

BHS is understood as a complimentary, therapeutic healing method. BHS is also beneficial as a supplement to western medical treatments, psycho- and physiotherapy as well as traditional naturopathic treatments.

BHS is both an energetic and physical method of treatment which combines hands-on healing, client interview, and exercises. The techniques can promote self-perception, vitality, and powers of self-healing. BHS assumes that every aspect of our being or personality is intimately connected to our health and well-being. Disharmony and energy blockages in the aura are perceptible to the BHS Practitioner. They can be addressed and, together with the client, modified and resolved.

Based on a combination of case history, client interview, and High Sense Perception (HSP) the possible causes are given space to take form. The BHS Practitioner creates a safe and supportive atmosphere and helps the client to bring their conscious awareness to any places where the flow of energy may be blocked. The client is then involved in the process in a respectful and caring manner based on their own free will to choose to heal or not to heal. The BHS Practitioner selects the appropriate method or methods of treatment. The client is comfortably clothed during the treatment which takes place lying on a treatment- or massage-table, standing, or sitting as necessary.

The BHS Practitioner holds all client information in strictest confidence.

The BHS Practitioner supports the clients on personal authority and helps the client to rely on their own personal resources.

Benefits of Brennan Healing Science®

Thanks to its versatility, BHS can assist clients in many areas. It supports the human energy system preservation of health, managing or coping with sickness, personal development, and in the unfolding of one’s personal potential.

BHS benefits clients in the following areas:

  • maintaining health
  • during times of sickness
  • pre- and post-operative
  • awareness of one’s own needs => self perception
  • Improved quality of life and self-worth
  • personal development
  • coping with core life issues and finding new approaches
  • creating healthy and fulfilling relationships
  • life transitions
  • career development process
  • coping with traumas
  • processing of mourning

The BHS Practitioner supports the clients on personal authority and helps the client to rely on their own personal resources.

Limits of Brennan Healing Science®

The BHS Practitioner does not diagnose, makes no promise of healing and collaborates freely with the client’s doctors and care-givers as requested. The BHS Practitioner is not trained to treat clients with mental disorders.

Brennan Healing Science® does not take the place of a visit to a doctor or psychotherapist.

The Professional Studies for BHS-Practitioner consists of


Brennan Healing Science®: Skills and techniques 295 hours
Psych-spiritual development 234 hours
Creative arts 177 hours
Professional Practice 96 hours
Integrative care 120 hours
Integrative distance learning modules 1200 hours
Anatomy and physiology 80 hours
Personal process sessions 72 hours

The program last four years and consists of 20 course weeks (5 to 6 day course weeks), a two week anatomy and physiology course as well as 28 Distance Learning Modules (DLMs). The DLMs include in addition to one’s studies the specific literature and exercises – written reflections of one’s personal development process and work with one’s practice clients, the written assignments are submitted between course weeks.

The studies at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) include from the very beginning the practical work with clients and work with a supervisor. Students are required during their studies to complete at least 72 hours of individual counseling with a recognized psychotherapist or Brennan Integration Practitioner®.

In the fourth year, students write a project document and present a written and oral case study.


Barbara Ann Brennan Hands of Light (Lichtarbeit)
Light Emerging (Licht-Heilung)
Susan Thesenga The Undefended Self (In Offenheit leben)
Eva Pierrakos & Donovan Thesenga Surrender to God Within
Kylea Taylor The Ethics of Caring (Hilfe für die Helfer)
Stephen M. Johnson Character Styles
Linda Hartely Wisdom of the Body Moving
David Richo How to Be an Adult
Rosalyn L. Bruyere Wheels of Light
Alexander Lowen Bioenergetics (Bioenergetik)
John C. Pierrakos Core Energetics (Core Energetik)